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About Rotten Pixels

Let me begin by saying that this is only a makeshift about section until I get my act together and put up a proper one. I will try to be as brief as possible.

I'm a man, I'm slightly eccentric and I have a camera. Well, several cameras.. Thats all there is really. No great mystery, no divine intervention, no unparalleled intellect, no illusions of grandeur..

But yes, photography is a huge passion and I love it. Doesn't necessarily mean I'm any good at it though. All it is, is basically my point of view, the way I see the world or would like to see it, a way to express myself. If I succeed in this attempt even to a minor degree I'd consider that job done.

About me personally. I'm Radel. Nice to meet you too. I live in Europe. I say Europe because I move around quite a bit. Holland, UK, Ireland (in that order) and other countries. You could consider me a citizen of the world in some sense. I do miss my original home though sometimes. Yes, I'm talking about planet Coruscant of course :)

Do not vote or bookmark me on any of the sites mentioned on the right. If you do so, that would make you a nice person. You don't want that on your conscience! (Damn, I hope reverse psychology works :) )

One last thing. My work, even though not wonderful, is quite dear to me. Please don't use it without my prior consent, regardless of whether you do it directly or use it for derivative work. All photographs on this site are copyrighted by me and all rights reserved. However, if you'd like to use any particular one please seek my permission and I will most probably allow it, with minor attributions in some cases.